Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trip One!

It was a wonderful week in Moscow. I met my referral on Tuesday the 21st of September. I spent 4.5 hours with him on the first day. He was not afraid of me. He was a quiet happy baby boy! He has a smile that will melt your heart!! He loved all the attention we were giving him. The workers at the Orphanage were wonderful and full of information. His medical records were translated and read to me! I had a Pediatric Doctor from the American Medical clinic come in and evaluate him. He was given a Great review. No major issues in his file or during his review were found that could not be corrected. We played with the toys I brought and a few of the toys that were in the meeting room. On the second day I got to visit him twice, in the morining and in late afternoon. We had a fun filled day of playing. He loved the attention he was getting. He smiled more and more and laughed when he was tickled. I got play with him a different room in the late afternoon visit. Their was a toy piano in the room. Once he learned how to bang it he loved it!! On the third day of visiting him I accepted him and could not wait to sign the paperwork. I got the oportunity to see him asleep in his crib that day and the main playroom where he plays. His caregiver also showed me how they modified his bottle so he could eat. I got to feed him lunch that day. I had to say goodbye this visit. It was a sad but joyous moment. Sad to have to leave him behind but Joyous knowing my next visit he could be declared legally mine!! I know await my court date. I have been told it could be as soon as 3 weeks from now!!


  1. I'm soo happy that all went well for you!!! Hopefully, the days between trips fly by!!! =)

  2. I saw your website on Fertility Ties, and thought I would stop by... I haven't really been on there in a long time, but I have been wondering about you. I'm so happy for you, he is beautiful!