Thursday, November 25, 2010

36 hours after I Gotcha!!

It's been a great 36 hours so far! Nikolas is doing well. He loves all the attention he is getting from his momma and his grandma. He is a very happy boy. Here is a few tidbits so far on how things are going:

He is playing with all his toys well. He loves to bang on his toys especially if they make noises. He has 2 in particular are his favorites a gitar and a car.

He is eating well. He likes mangos,apples, turkey & potatoes, yogurt and so far dislikes carrots alot. He was only eating from a bottle when we got him from the orophanage and would you know that he has not taken a bottle hardly at all since we got him. The hotel has these small spoons for tea and coffee and he has taken to spoon feeding very well even if it is messy.. LOL

His motor skills are improving since I met him in September. He now can sit on his own but not straight up just yet. He loves to rock on all fours and has started to attempt to crawl himself across the floor his left side is still weak and he drags his leg slightly behind him. But with time it will get better..

He love mirrors.. he like to look at himself in the mirror and others. He has such a curiosity about things. He likes TV and he will just lay thier and watch it or while we are rocking him.

His bonding has started to go very well. He likes to be snuggled, cuddled kissed and hugged. Today he let us rock him to sleep on two occasions. It was a wonderful feeling.

He is sleeping well and napping twice a day too..

I will keep you posted and write more once we are home .....

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