Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trip to the allergist

Nikolas had his first Dr Appt yesterday at the allergist. When we got him from the orphanage he was covered from head to toe in a raw rash from scratching. The pediatrician who looked at him prior to leaving Russia said he had allergies or as his papers said Dermititus. The Dr at the allergist took one look at him and said lets runs some test. He could only do 24 tray tests on his back due to his size and Beef came back positive. So he is on allergy medication, special lotions and everything is washed in dye/fragrance free soaps and doing very well. His skin is the best I have seen it yet.
I have to say Nikolas was a trooper when the test was administrated. When my niece had the same test she cried and Nikolas laughed. He also did well with momma having to hold him still on his tummy for 2o minutes.

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  1. Poor little малыш. Hope he gets better soon. I'm sure that the new environment will take some time for his little body to adjust to. Even the water is different, so I wouldn't be surprise some tummy problems (gas esp) for a while.