Monday, December 27, 2010

Big Sis...

Nikolas has a younger cousin who is 4 who has decided that he is her Little Brother. The bond she has with him is so special. She comes over and spends the night with us. The entire time she is here it's all about her Little Brother. He is learning so much from studying her. They have a great time playing. She doesn't like it when its nap time cause she wants to play with him. So she has a special assignment to keep me informed on what he is doing. She lets me know if he is rocking himself to sleep and when he starts to cry she runs over to me and says "it a emergency KeKe is crying". She likes to eat when he does and and has started to feed him with her auntie's guidance. She helps bath him too. When he needs to be changed she is right thier helping. You can see the bond they have with each other. It's so wonderful!!

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