Friday, February 4, 2011

He's changing everyday!!!

Nikolas is determined to catch up!! He is now 17 months old and growing into his size 12 months. At his last Dr appointment about a week ago he weighed 16lb 5 oz. He has gained almost 3 pounds in two months. He is a non stop eating machine this week. He also had a bunch of first this month. He crawls now, has learned to scoot forward in his walker, he walks around furniture and has been sleeping through the night for the last three nights straight with no middle of the night feedings.

On a medical note: Nikolas had a MRI this past month on his brain and spine to rule out spinal bifita. His MRI showed his spinal cord is in tact!!! I could not ask for more. However he has a fistula near his tail bone that has to be closed. He will be scheduled for surgery to repair it this spring or when the doctor feels it will be necessary between his clef surgeries.

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