Friday, March 25, 2011

Almost three weeks post op!!!

Nikolas is 2.5 weeks post op and recovering very well. He had his first follow up visit with the Nurse Practioner who removed his tubes in his nose and cleaned them and said he is healing very well. The tubes will have to be worn for a few months to prevent his nose from going flat. They showed us how to remove and clean them. He doesn't like it very much but who can blame him. We are now starting to see the tips of his upper teeth. He is learning how to chew and its so nice to see him able to consume so much of his food where as before he got about 70 percent of what we put in his mouth. He is growing more interested in the food we are eating and we are now making sure we have something when we eat that he can eat too. His No no's do not have to be worn as much. He can have them off as long as he doesn't put too much in his mouth and play with his nose. He last about 40 min to a hour at a time and then we have to put them back on. He gets so interested in his new mouth and nose starts to itch and his hands are none stop touching. His next follow up visit is on April 14th!!! He see's the surgeon at this appt and may schedule his palet repair.

In this picture he is eating tapioca his new favorite thing to eat 5 times a day!!! Thank goodness for carnation instant breakfast so we can get him some nutrition with it!!

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