Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Weekend 2011

Nikolas went on his first vacation to Lake Michigan. We stayed at the silver Creek RV resort. He got his first expierences being in a pool, on the beach and at a petting zoo.

The pool was a blast. He liked floating around in his blow up tube. He went in the warm kiddy pool at the RV resort and could touch the bottow with his feet which he liked. He would go everywhere in the pool. You could here his laughing as splashed and moved around. He wanted to stay in the pool all day.

The petting zoo was fun. He got to see a wide variety of animals. We let him get close enough to some of the animals and got to pet a Camel, Goat and sheep. We did not let him feed any of them. It was a neat place to go. They had a Chicken show that talked about eggs. It was cute and Nikolas enjoyed it. When he gets older their were lots of things for older kiddo's to do we plan to go back next year.

The beach was relaxing for Grandma and Grandpa. Nikolas loved the sand. He loved crawling through it, putting it all over himself and of course tasting it. Yuck! He got a few mouth fulls of sand. He crawled everywhere and to everyone in range on the beach. They all thought he was cute and would talk to him as he pulled on their blankets and towels. He kept mommy busing chasing after him.

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