Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nikolas Turned Two!!!

Nikolas turned 2 this month. It was a celebration he deserved. It was the first time his birthday was celebrated. He has been home for 9.5 months now!

Nikolas had a Mickey Mouse bounce house at his party. He was a little afraid at first when we put him through the door but he loved being inside it. He was the smallest one inside all the other kids were so good to him they would carfully bounce around him and he would sit there laugh and clap his hands. He staying in side the Bounce House for a good part of his party.

At his party he also had a spongbob pinata. Being the birthday boy he got to hit it first. He did not understand how to hit it so he would push on it with his hands and pull at the paper. Grandma had to give him a hand and helped him hit it with the stick. Momma helped too. Spongbob refused to break at the party after being hit by 20 kids/adults and had to be tore apart and the candy pored out.

Nikolas had a Mickey mouse cake surrounded by Mikey Mouse cupcakes at his party. He got his own cup cake. It was the first time he had ever been given cake. He was not sure what to do with the cupcake at first but had some help from all the adults surrounding him on what to do. He did a great job at smashing it. He would not put his hand in his hair or on his face not matter how hard Unlce Mike tried to coax him to do it. All mom had to do in the end was change his cloths and wipe his hands and arms.

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