Monday, February 27, 2012

Dental Surgery has come and gone!!

Nikolas had Dental surgery on February 10th. When he went into the Operating Room it was expected to be about 2.5 hour proceedure. In pre-op Nikolas was suppose to have 5-6 teeth removed and 6 others worked on/crowned. We sat in the waiting room for what seemed like for ever as it always does. Three hours had gone by and no word........ 3.5 hours go buy and no word... then the surgeon appeared. Nikolas had 14 teeth removed and the remaining 6 silver capped. It was explained by the surgeon that nikolas teeth were malformed and had malformations on some of the basis of the teeth. He explained thier were infections in some of the teeth and he had felt he had no choice but to remove them. He took samples of the malformations and sent them to a lab and also kept Nikolas teeth to dysect them to figure out why the malformations formed. (Picture is 5 days post op, Nikolas is finally pain free)

Nikolas now has 4 silver bottom teeth. Two eye teeth and two molars. He also has two molars on the top of his mouth. These are the only teeth he will have until his adult teeth form and come in. (Picture is 5 days post-op of his lower jaw. You can see the silver capps and where the teeth were. Nikolas lost 6 teeth on the bottom and 8 on the top)

His eating is going well... Softer the better..... He still loves his hotdogs, chicken nuggets, fries and mac and cheese as any other two year old does. The surgeon has discussed dentures and bridges for Nikolas. We see him again April.

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