Monday, February 6, 2012

Another surgery on the horizon.....

Nikolas will be having his first dental surgery this Friday. After seeing the cleft team on January 5th they immediately scheduled the procedures. Nikolas teeth are in horrible shape. They are falling apart, rotting and infected. The initial plan as of now is to remove 5-6 teeth & silver crown as much as they can. They feel only 4 or 5 of his teeth are in good condition. They are opting not to white crown them. They do not feel his teeth will last in there current state if they place the white crowns on them. I know his teeth hurt him a lot. He is constant drool and placing his hands in his mouth all the time. He is getting Tylenol on a regular basis to help. I am not sure what his teeth will look like when they are done I just want him pain free.

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